The Glenn Addison Family owns and operates two perpetual care cemeteries -- Tranquility Oaks, located in Spring, TX, and Magnolia Memorial Gardens in Magnolia, TX. In addition to traditional burial, both cemeteries provide options for burying ashes. Magnolia Memorial Gardens also features a columbarium with niches for cremated remains.


Categorized as “green” for several reasons, a Green Burial is one without an outer burial container, without a casket, and without standard embalming practices. It is chemical-free and nearly material-free, save for a suggested comforter wrapping of the decedent’s body, which is laid to rest on the natural ground. Green Burial is for those who wish to leave a minimal footprint as they depart this life and for those who want to return to the earth naturally. 

Green Burial is only offered in the greater Houston area by the Addison family at Tranquility Oaks cemetery in Spring, which is associated with Addison Funeral Home, and Magnolia Memorial Gardens in Magnolia, which is adjacent to Magnolia Funeral Home

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